Q: Can I select different flavors for each cupcake in my dozen order? 

A: Here at Colossal, we specialize in walk-in orders meaning in store you are able to select a variety of flavors for any size order. However, when custom ordering we limit flavor selection to ensure that there is enough of the flavor you requested, and to prevent making large batches of cupcake flavors for one cupcake usage in order. 

Q: What are the hours of operation? 


Our Downtown 528 Euclid Avenue location is open from 9AM to 10PM Monday-Thursday 9AM-11PM Friday and Saturday and 9AM-9PM on Sunday

Our Downtown Café 1300 E. 9th is open Monday-Friday 8AM-5PM and Saturday 10AM-4PM

Our North Olmsted location is open Sunday-Thursday 9AM to 9PM Friday and Saturday 9AM-10PM! 

Q: Can I get just [one or six] cupcakes? 

A: Of course! Our Colossal shops specialize in walk-ins meaning in our stores you are able to select a variety of flavors for any size order. For those who would like to guarantee a certain amount of a specific flavor of a dozen or more or simply like to order ahead to insure availability our purchasing ahead on our website is recommended. We are  unable to accommodate custom orders of less than a dozen cupcakes for preorder!

Q: Can I pick each flavor in my box of dozen cupcakes or the "Best Seller Variety Dozen" when I order on the website? 

No, but good news! Colossal sort of specializes in walk-ins! If you would like to create your own variety box you can do so in our any of our shops and pick as little or as many different flavors as you would like to. You can come and buy just one cupcake or come in and make a variety box of all different cupcakes of your choice. Unlike most bakeries, we bake around the clock. We always have a colossal variety of cupcake flavors at all times minus the very rare occasion or holiday, a couple times per year. Come in at open or come in before close and you will always have at least 20-30 cupcake flavors to choose from plus a few seasonal flavors here and there as well. We also always carry a variety of our colossal cookies, brownies, macarons and muffins in-store as well. 

We do offer a dozen box online for preorder called the Best Seller Variety Box (under Colossal Dozen Boxes) and it comes with 12 different colossal cupcake flavors picked by us based on our daily selection!

Q: Can I order something custom that I do not see on the website?

A: You bet! We do all sorts of custom orders from corporate events to weddings! Contact Kelly@ColossalCupcakes.com and she will help you create the perfect cupcakes or desserts for your special event!

Q: Do you deliver? 

A: We do! For smaller orders, you can find us on UberEats , DoorDash, and GrubHub. For larger orders you can request delivery with a fee by emailing Kelly@ColossalCupcakes.com.

If you are looking to cater a large order for delivery please email: Kelly@ColossalCupcakes.com with your order details including date, time, and what you are interested in ordering!